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Sponsored Rider Keeps Horses Hydrated with Drink-Up

Sponsored Rider Keeps Horses Hydrated with Drink-Up

KER-sponsored rider and EFA (FEI) Level 3 Dressage Coach Manolo Mendez uses Drink-Up™ to encourage his horses to drink water and stay hydrated.

Australasian Focus

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fat horse

Stem Cell Therapy for Metabolic Horses

Stem cells have become, over the past several years, somewhat of a magic elixir for horses suffering from musculoskeletal injuries. But what if that horse’s stem cells aren’t what they should be, as in horses with equine metabolic syndrome?


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horse eating grain

Understanding Protein Requirements in Horses: New Research

A recent study attempted to clarify the role of lysine, an essential amino acid, in the diets of growing horses.

KER Research

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heart rate variability

What Are the Effects of Carbohydrate Intake on Heart Rate Variability in Horses?

Heart rate variability (HRV) records the fluctuations between successive heartbeats, thereby measuring the function of the autonomic nervous system. HRV has been successfully used to study stress and behavior in many species. This study examined the effects of NSC levels on equine stress and behavior using HRV indices.


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horse hindleg

Joint Supplements for Horses: Follow Directions for Safety

According to researchers, using a non-FDA-approved joint product off-label not only appears to have no benefit but may also actually be harmful.

General Interest

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weighing a horse

Guess the Weight of These Horses

Knowing your horse’s weight is important, not only from a nutritional standpoint, but also from a health and welfare perspective. Fine-tune your weight-guessing skills by determining how much each of these Appaloosas weighs.